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X-FORCE BY BENJAMIN PERCY VOL. 8 - Release Date: 05/21/2024

X-FORCE BY BENJAMIN PERCY VOL. 8 - Release Date: 05/21/2024

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Colossus leads X-Force into the next era - and perhaps to its downfall! No one on the team is prepared for a mission that just might fracture their trust and teamwork for all time. X-Force is captured - but what terrible power could possibly keep Wolverine, Colossus, Omega Red and Quentin Quire off the grid? Sage, Deadpool and Domino are on the outside - but will the bizarre Wolverine Sentinels beat them to their quarry, or can X-Force manage to reunite and take down mutantkind's enemies once and for all? And as the Chronicler focuses on a new subject, how will his control shift the balance of power in the FALL OF X era? At last, the brotherly battle brewing for the past four years boils over: It's time for Piotr Rasputin vs. Mikhail Rasputin! Collecting X-FORCE (2019) #43-46. 
(W) Benjamin Percy (A) Robert Gill (CA) Daniel Acuna 
Page Count: 112

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