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UNCANNY SPIDER-MAN: FALL OF X - Release Date: 6/18/24

UNCANNY SPIDER-MAN: FALL OF X - Release Date: 6/18/24

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Bamf! Thwip! Escaping the turmoil of FALL OF X in a flash of smoke and brimstone, Nightcrawler reinvents himself as the Uncanny Spider-Man! As the swashbuckling, devil-may-care hero battles some of the most iconic members of the real Spidey's rogues' gallery, hangs out with other web-slingers and saves civilians - mutant and human alike - Kurt Wagner is having the time of his life! But it's not all fun and games. This Nightcrawler-turned-wall-crawler can't ignore the mutant plight forever. He's in the sights of Silver Sable. And throughout it all, he must confront a long-simmering mystery surrounding his mother Mystique! Plus: The definitive origin story of Nightcrawler clears away all the lies you've been told - and delivers the truth about Raven Darkhölme and Kurt Wagner, once and for all! Collecting UNCANNY SPIDER-MAN #1-5 and X-MEN BLUE: ORIGINS. 
(W) Si Spurrier (A) Lee Garbett; Javier Pina; Marvel Various (CA) Tony Daniel 
Page Count: 184

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