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THOR BY CATES & KLEIN OMNIBUS - Release Date: 9/17/24

THOR BY CATES & KLEIN OMNIBUS - Release Date: 9/17/24

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The prince is now a king. The realms are at peace. All of Asgard lies before Thor, God of Thunder - but the skies above the Realm Eternal are never clear for long. The Black Winter is coming - and to triumph over this new threat, Thor must be transformed in a most unexpected way! But something is wrong with Mjolnir! What will it take to hold on to one of the most powerful weapons in the Multiverse? Plus: Thor revisits his old mortal persona, but he isn't ready for the terrifying Donald Blake that awaits! Odin makes a surprising return! Thor battles Marvel heavyweights Venom, the Hulk and Doctor Doom! And what secret history does Thanos have with Bor, father of Odin? Collecting THOR (2020) #1-35, HULK VS. THOR: BANNER OF WAR ALPHA, HULK (2021) #7-8, THANOS: DEATH NOTES, and material from THOR ANNUAL (2021) #1 and THOR ANNUAL (2023) #1. 
(W) Donny Cates; Marvel Various (A) Nic Klein; Marvel Various (CA) Nic Klein 
Page Count: 1040

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