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STAR WARS: MACE WINDU #3 - Release Date: 04/17/2024

STAR WARS: MACE WINDU #3 - Release Date: 04/17/2024

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ONE OF THE GREATEST JEDI MUST STOP AN EXPLOSIVE SECRET FROM FALLING INTO THE WRONG HANDS! On the refinery moon RO MIRA, MACE WINDU and smuggler AZITA CRUUZ - carrying the formula to a paradigm-smashing energy source - are on the run from Ro Mira's security forces and a HUTT-hired BOUNTY HUNTER. Can MACE dispatch a squadron of fighters led by the ruthless Anzellan YAYA SHRAM with nothing by his LIGHTSABER and THE FORCE? Introducing MURO and DIYA, DUSK WEAVERS OF THE HAD'LE PATH, a cult obsessed with wiping technology from the face of the galaxy! 
(W) Marc Bernadin (A) Georges Jeanty (CA) Mateus Manhanini 
Page Count: 32

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