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Star Trek #15 Variant C (Rahzzah) - Release Date: 12/20/23

Star Trek #15 Variant C (Rahzzah) - Release Date: 12/20/23

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Prepared to do whatever it takes to make peace with the war-worshipping Tzenkethi and outmaneuver the Romulan Empire as their ally, Captain Sisko and his crew work alongside Tzenkethi warleader Kav’ka and Romulan Magistrex T’Galatheon to ready capitol defenses in preparation for the deadly Festival of Supremacy. But Sisko soon learns that Federation ideals won’t come naturally to the reptilian species that praises survival of the fittest over all. Can Sisko keep his crew alive, impress the Tzenkethi Autarch, and keep the Romulans from convincing warmongers that they reign supreme? 
(W) Collin Kelly; Jackson Lanzing (A) Marcus To (CA) Rahzzah 
Page Count: 32

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