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Scout Comics

DUSK #1 CVR B DAVID HAHN VAR (NONSTOP) - Release Date: 3/6/24

DUSK #1 CVR B DAVID HAHN VAR (NONSTOP) - Release Date: 3/6/24

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Nonstop! - World premiere issue 1 followed by the complete trade paperback! Blackstone—a city whose history dates back to the earliest days of our nation. Below its abandoned skyscrapers and crumbling colonial architecture, beneath the buzzing lights and ragged billboards, the metropolis is propped up by corruption and fear. Blackstone public defender Jaime Nuñez—former baseball hero, now a divorced dad—is always trying to do his best. But the criminal justice system is not without limits. When Jaime comes into an unexpected fortune and some surprising, super heroic tools, he discovers there might be another, more direct way to do some actual good in the world. But can the masked man known only as The Dusk push back against decades of entrenched corruption without compromising his commitment to social justice? 
(W) Alex Segura, Elizabeth Little (A) David Hahn (CA) David Hahn 

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